Travel Sprinklers: For the Home and Office

Travel Sprinklers: For the Home and Office

Watering large lawns is time-consuming especially when you don’t have the right equipment. Traveling sprinklers make the whole lawn watering task a piece of cake. You just set its path by laying the hose appropriately and leave to do the rest of the watering.

Traveling sprinklers (see the full travel sprinkler review) are quite convenient especially for some of us that have a lot to do – you can’t just sit around holding the water hose while you could be productive elsewhere.

How Travel Sprinklers Work

The water you use from the water company reaches you through pressure – so what’s the deal about it? It is this same pressure that traveling sprinklers borrow to function and feed the lawn with adequate water.

The sprinklers come with bent arms that ensure water forces its way out at an angle generating a rotational force. This is akin to a merry-go-round with water as the source of power.

The arms are linked to a worm gear that rotates to engage the transmission gear. The transmission then impacts the drive axle which in turn moves the wheels – simplicity at best.

Traveling sprinklers are ideal for large lawns but merely overkill for smaller ones. They are an exciting thing to watch as they move along – your clients and business acquaintances will appreciate the ingenuity involved. Besides, they are quite convenient as most of them employ a shut-off valve on reaching the end of the hose.

The sprinklers may not be ideal for those with dogs – you know how they are, they may see the hose as something worth chasing and playing around with.

Some of the Traveling Sprinkler Options

Among the popular traveling sprinkler models include the Nelson Raintrain with the potential to travel 200ft. It has a cast iron body that withstands the hands of times and comes with three settings: fast, neutral and slow. And to ensure convenience, the sprinkler has a shut-off ramp that stops operation on reaching the end of the path you have laid.

Cast iron is not usually rust-resistant, but this sprinkler is powder-coated. Its arms are adjustable to allow for different spray arcs and patterns.

Then there is Nelson 50970 – of course from the same company. The difference with this model is its water sufficiency – less water used and hence eco-friendly. But most of its other features like travel distance and coverage area are similar.

The Walking Sprinkler is another option for the office, and it is built to last. It comes with cast iron wheels and can reach up to 40ft every hour at high speed – great when you need the watering done fast before the clients or guests arrive. Its sprinkler arms are adjustable with a spray width of up to 50ft.

If yours is an odd shape lawn, then a John Deere Traveling Sprinkler will be right for you. The water-propelled sprinkler comes with a die-cast zinc body and back wheels for durability and ruggedness. Its front wheels are polyurethane.

Traveling sprinklers are a great option if you have a vast lawn and little time on your hands. However, you may want to think about other options if you have playful pets in your homestead.